Wedding Photojournalistic Style of Photography!

Customized packages start at just US$300 and include all digital negatives. Details below.

Prices below apply to Friday and Saturday weddings. All others enjoy a 10% discount.  
Lock in your rate by signing a contract today!

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Wedding Packages & Rates:

My rates are very affordable and very competitive. Rest assured that you will get far more than your money's worth; you'll get precious memories your family will treasure for decades.

My rates are based on the number of hours you hire m for, and the number of pictures you request. The longer I shoot, the more pictures you'll get. Clients get what I call "All Plus Selects" provided on highest quality DVD discs. 

"All" refers to "all the images off the camera", every single photo taken, in high-resolution digital negatives, minimally processed. "Selects" refers to selected images that are awesome, beautiful, excellent, memorable photos showing many of the most wonderful moments of your wedding. When you've narrowed down 300 great pictures to the very best 50, individually retouched, enhanced and optimized them, those are called Selects. So the rate is based on the number of hours I shoot and the number of Selects provided.

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Silver Value Package: US$300

  • Wedding Photojournalist (Delroy A. Whyte-Hall) for Three Hours
  • All Images plus a Minimum of 50 Selects

Three hours is generally sufficient time to include coverage of the Wedding Ceremony, several Group Shots, and a small part of the Reception.

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Gold Value Package: US$375

  • Wedding Photojournalist (Delroy A. Whyte-Hall) for Four Hours
  • All Images plus a Minimum of 100 Selects

Four hours is generally sufficient time to include coverage of the wedding venue and decoration details; Bride & Groom and wedding party getting prepared; the Wedding Procession, Ceremony and the Recession; several wedding party and family Group Shots; and about two hours of the Reception.

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Platinum Value Package: US$450
(that's just US$56.25/hour!)

  • Wedding Photojournalist (Delroy A. Whyte-Hall) for Entire Wedding, Unlimited Coverage (at least 8 Hours)
  • All Images plus a Minimum of 200 Selects
  • Plus 4x6" prints of all 200+ Selects
  • Plus one large print (11x14") of your choice
Typically this is about eight hours of shooting and generally includes coverage of the wedding party arriving at the venue, cataloging of the decorations before, during and after they've been put up; architectural beauty shots of the venue; guests arriving; Bride, Groom and wedding party getting dressed and ready; the Wedding Procession, Ceremony and the Recession; all the  wedding party and family Group Shots as planned in advance; all the key moments in the Reception such as Bride and Groom entering reception area, Toasts, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Garter and Bouquet Toss, and all other aspects that make your reception uniquely yours; plus fabulous portraits of special guests and unforgettable captures of moments too special to let slip away.

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What Does Each Package Include?

All packages include an in-person consultation to discuss the details of your wedding, your tastes and preferences, and all the specifics that will help the photographer deliver the best wedding photos possible.

Then within 10 business days after the ceremony, Clients get custom-created DVD-R disc with the following:

All Plus Selects: all images off the camera, minimally processed, in digital negative format; PLUS the best of the best are selected and are hand-processed and individually retouched. Some of these Selects will have special treatments such as black and white, sepia, vignettes, selective colouring, etc. The number of selects depends on the package chosen (see above);

  • PLUS all Selects will be formatted in Hi-Resolution (for printing) and Low-Resolution (for email, web, etc);
  • PLUS all Selects will be viewable in an online gallery for one month so you can share with family and friends;
  • PLUS you'll have "Home Use" reprint rights on all images on the disc, in perpetuity;
  • PLUS you'll receive one large print (11x14") of the image of your choice, ready to be mounted and framed!
  • PLUS with the Platinum Package you'll get a set of 4x6" prints of all 200 selects!

With all the images on CD, you'll have the right and the ability to make prints of whatever images you choose. You'll never have to contact the photographer to ask for more prints, you'll just take the disc to the printer of your choice and print what you want.

Note: If you'd like, I can also coordinate your order of prints but that is an additional fee.
We have a detailed but flexible contract that my Clients and Photographer sign when they make the decision to hire us. Everything is agreed upon up-front: you'll have no last-minute surprises, no unexpected costs, no frustrating delays. A non-refundable reservation deposit of 50% is due at the time you sign the contract. The deposit ensures that we will be available for your event and not take any other assignment for that day. Remainder is due upon your receipt of the discs (about three weeks after the wedding).

I would love to be your wedding photographer of choice, and I hope one of these packages meets your needs. If not, please let me know what changes I could make that would create a perfect fit for you.

To check availability or discuss other details, please contact me (Delroy A. Whyte-Hall) at WHYTE-HALLiMAGES by phone at (240) 347-6385 or CONTACT ME with your exact requirements so I can give you a full no-obligation quote.

Or if you'd prefer to schedule an appointment for a FREE ONE-HOUR CONSULTATION, or make a booking, please CONTACT ME NOW!

My style of wedding photography is Photojournalism, mixed with some traditional.

Got a Question or an Assignment for us? CONTACT ME NOW! 

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Serving Hagerstown, Maryland, 27140, USA
Phone: (240) 707-07695/ eMail: [email protected]

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