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Wedding Photojournalistic Style of Photography

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Wedding Photojournalism is an increasingly popular style ofwedding photography today. Brides who choose photojournalists to capture theirwedding day feel the traditional photography style is stale and old, they arelooking for something new and different. 


Photojournalism is a skill, not just the name of a style ofphotography. A wedding photojournalist is a photographer whose strength is incapturing the moments. Often a photographer using this style has experience...

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Photos and Graphics? The back door to the front page!

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Question: "What's the #1 question on the mind of every business editor, every day?


Answer: “What are we going to do for art?"


"Art" is newspaper jargon for the photos and graphics that run on almost every page, and always on the front page and on section fronts.


Newspapers, magazines and other print media all report the news using both words and pictures. But some stories are easier to illustrate than others. Entertainment,...

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Effective Make-Up Techniques for Great Photos!

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Is it really true that you need to pile on foundation so thick you need a chisel to scrape it off, or lipstick so dark it appears you drank a canof brick paint so you don't look “washed out”?

Of course not!

That “washed out”look you might have seen in still photos is from direct flash with improper exposures set by the photographer, not improper make-up use.

Wear your make-upthe way you would want to look in real...

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How To Get Publicity Photos In Newspapers & Magazines, And On TV!

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A picture is worth 1000 words, especially when it comes to print and television publicity. 

That's why it is very important for publicists, wherever possible, include photography in each of their publicity campaigns.


In fact, in my experience, addition of a quality photo with a press release increases the probability of it getting run by 100-500%; it's that important.

Note the keyword in that last phrase - "quality".  Qual...

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Picture-Perfect Press Photos!

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Be prepared for photo requests by making sure you have press photos on hand


Q: I own a gourmet food store. My friend saidshe thinks I need a professional photograph. Frankly, I think my money would be better spent elsewhere. Who's right - me or my friend?


A: Your friend, and let me tell you why. Here'swhat will happen if you don't have a photo:


You'll be called unex...

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Using Photos to Convey Your Message!

Posted on April 26, 2010 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Photos should be an important part of any small company's publicity programme.Photos help to brand a press release and make it stand out from the crowd.

The checklist for any company planning a publicity effort must include an item for photos. The final decision in a given case may be to use aphoto element in the publicity programme, or it may be to NOT use photos but the issue should be discussed for every publicity effort. Below are some tipsto make your photo usage succes...

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10 tips that will help you ensure that a PR photo has the best opportunity to be published by print media!

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Working with a professional PR photography like WHYTE-HALLiMAGES helps ensure that a PR photo has the best opportunity to be published by print media.

As PR people, you should always ask three questions of a prospective photographer before hiring them:

  1. Do you shoot digital?
  2. Can you show me examples of other similar photos you have shot?
  3. What contacts do you have with the media and how will you ...
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Wedding Photography Timeline - Tips and Advice!

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Wedding Photography Timeline - Tips andAdvice

Wedding photography is an art. Tomaster it requires being familiar with the minor details, procedures andtraditions that are tied up into this special day. This sample timelineoutlines a series of steps a professional photographer might experience as wellas typical responses and preparations needed to carry out a wedding tocompletion. Every wedding is different, and chances are slim that you will eversee a wedding process that goes exactly l...

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Look for creative, compelling pictures to illustrate your newsworthy story!

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While new technology has created greater opportunities for PR pros to get photos to the media in the current news cycle, the keys to placing photos with the media remain creativity and quality of the images.

These were among the messages presented at a recent U.S. Newswire workshop attended by more than 100 PR pros at Washington, D.C.'s National Press Club.

The event, presented by Medialink's U.S. Newswire division, featured Harry Walker, photo editor of Kn...

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WeddingPhotography Tips for Brides

Posted on March 29, 2010 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Brides should keep their photography in mind when applying makeup.

Match your foundation to your neck color and stay away from foundations that have too much pink or orange colouring.

Choose a matte finishin a soft and neutral color.

Avoid using eye and cheek colours that are too bright.

The light will make them look even brighter in photos.

Matte lip colours photograph best.


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